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Catholic Church at Akaparambu is situated about 1.5 km. away east of Kariyad, near nedumbassry international airport and on Angamally-Aluva national high way. The Akaparambu Catholic Church, which is one of the twin churches, is named after twin brothers, Saints Gervasis & Prothasis, who were martyred for protecting the Christian faith. This is the only church in the patronage of these twin Saints in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamally.
St. Thomas the Apostle, who arrived in Kerala in 72 A.D., laid the foundation for the Christian Community in India. The Christian faith and tradition of Akaparambu is as old as first century in connection with the first Christian community. Knanaya rite came to existence here with the arrival of Knanaya priests along with foreign migrants in the fourth century. It was a dream comes true for the people of Akaparambu, when a church was built here with the support of Knanaya missionaries in 825 A D. The church at Akaparambu was named after their heavenly intercessors Saints Girvasis& Prothasis, who were martyred in the city of Milan in Italy in the second century. This Church was known as ‘Church of Kanthisans’ sicne the ancient time.
Churches in Kerala are usually found in places where people are more in numbers. But Akaparambu Church is deferent from them all as it is situated at the middle of paddy fields, where there are fewer inhabitants. The church was built there to maintain equal distance to church for all 18 villagers of Akaparambu. Though the church is at Maykavu village, the church is called as ‘Akaparambu church’ from the beginning.
With the arrival of Portuguese in 16th century, Christians of Kerala began to coordinate with them in Church and faith matters. Statues of Patron saints Gervasis & Prothasis were brought from Europe and placed in the church by Portuguese missionaries during that time. This development in the church made a rift in the catholic community at Akaparambu, as veneration of statues was against Knanaya tradition, which had been followed till then by the community. Following this incident there was a kapela built south of same land in 1541 and the statues were placed there. So the present Catholic Church was established before the division of Malankara Rite. This kapela has been called as the church of ‘Kanthisans’.
A division in Catholic community was complete following the Coonan Cross Oath (KoonankurisuSathiyam), which took place in Mattancherry on Jan. 3, 1653. Catholic faction in Akaparambu, which showed loyalty to Rome, moved to kapela to conduct prayers. This kapela was renovated to a bigger Church later. Akaparambu church was raised to a parish by Governador PrajomAthe of Diocese of Kodugalloor on Dec. 3, 1836. Writings of Blessed KuriakoseAliyas of Chavara gives an account of Akaparambu Church that few priests and faithful abided to Bishop Thomarocos in 1860. Historical documents of Akaparambu show that Rev. Fr. VaruThannickalKodamkandathil served here as the parish priest in 1898. Details of other priests worked here later are found in official documents at the church.
The present church-bell weighing about 200 kg was gifted from France by Mr. & Mrs. BurdhinAniFoudevoorAleon in 1913. A mention about this bell can be found in a Malayalam poem named ‘Innu njannale nee’ by great poet G. ShankaraKuruppu
Feast of twin brothers saints Gervasis & Prothasis is the main feast of this Church. It is celebrated on 6th Feb. or the following Sunday. Pilgrims from all walks of life visit this church through out the year. Dumb begin to speak with the special blessings of Patron Saints. Bell and bell-rope are the main offerings at this church. There are living witnesses who were cured of depression, stammering etc.
Parishes of Mattoor, Maykadu, Chengamanadu, Kavaraparampu, Neduvannoor, Nayathodu, Kapprassery, Athani and Josepuram were part of Akaparambu parish and they were made independent parishes later.
Construction of a new church was required due to insufficient space and facilities . Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly Rt. Rev. Thomas Chakkiyathu laid the foundation for a new church on Nov. 14, 1999. The work of the new church was completed within one and half years with the financial support and hard work of the parishners. The church was blessed by His eminence Cardinal Mar. VarkeyVithayathil on May 12, 2001. Construction of the new church and the parish hall were completed under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. James Alukkal.
World famous International Air Port at Nedumbassery is close to Akaparambu Church. Many houses had to be vacated from here with the arrival of Air Port. Many Passengers and employees at Air Port visit this church for daily Mass and prayers.
This church, which has got special grace and presence of Saints Gervasis &Prothasis, is a treasure for the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly, as well as for the whole Kerala.


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